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Dr. Morishige provides you with a complete system of healing modalities using classical and modern integrative approaches with a variety of acupuncture modalities - Tradition Chinese Acupuncture, Japanese Meridian Therapy (Hari), cosmetic acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, bodywork, herbal medicine, nutritional counseling, intuitive & energy healing, personalized detoxification, weight loss, fertility intentions, injection therapy and other healing variations on an individually precise and personal level for your own customized personal healing and growth.


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Chinese herbal medicine is a medical system that has been evolved empirically over thousands of years. Chinese herbs have many unique properties and functions.The essence of Chinese herbal medicine is in the art of adapting a customized formula to the patient’s own unique disharmony. An adapted formula is a mirror image of the patient’s imbalances and works very well in conjunction with acupuncture in which the harmonization of herbs in a formula is comparable to the balancing of acupuncture points in a treatment.  Herbal medicine in conjunction with acupuncture gives the patient the opportunity to extend their healing session at home when between acupuncture treatments.

Nutritional knowledge and diet in Chinese medicine has a long history and includes the healing properties of many individual foods, herbal prescriptions, supplementation and injection therapies. Your personal nutritional education and plan will not only be about how to eat healthy but what’s best to include and avoid to meet your specific healing goals. As an important part of your healing program, you may be asked to make changes to your diet that will greatly facilitate your healing process. The changes that you are asked to implement by your practitioner are specific to your condition only, as each patient is evaluated and treated individually.

In 森茂 Mesotherapy & Biopunture Injection Therapy  (M.B.I.T.),  all ingredients are natural substances that should be administered only by a Licensed Injection Therapist. There are a number of natural substances available for injection therapies and specific uses for either Mesotherapy or Biopuncture. Injections are for multiple indications, such as pain, aesthetics, organ therapy & regulation, nutritional advancment and tissues repair. Dr. Morishige focuses on delivering nutrition support, fat and cellulite reduction, regulating and supporting the natural integrity of your body structure and metabolism, assisting in tissue and joint regeneration, lymph drainage and relieving any soft tissue pain, spasm or neuropathy.

Dr. Gina Morishige, CFMP has extended her patient-centered healthcare with superior diagnostic skills to identify chronic underlying issues and deficiencies that are crucial in the root treatment and cause of disease.


FM identifies functional disturbances such as Hormone Imbalances, Repressed/Toxic Emotions, Compromised Detoxification, Environmental Toxins, Heavy Metals, Nutritional Deficiencies, Medication Interactions, Mold Exposure, Structural Imbalances, Intestinal Pathogens, Leaky Gut,  and more. Specializing in identifying the terrain damage that has led to a chronic disease, and ultimately identifying the underlying biochemical and physiological glitches hindering your achievment to optimal health, biochemical individuality and restoring physiological function.


Some other benefits of  FM is "Optimal Aging", not just Anti-Aging, reduced costs, early detection of disease and dysfunction, reduced pain and suffering, and last but not least, greater enjoyment for life.


Dr. Morishige uses the science of lab testing and medical investagtion to identify and treat all deleterious influences on all bodily systems. Through this thorough examination she addresses oxidative stress, nutritional imbalances, digestive and intestinal imbalances, impaired detoxification, endocrine imbalances, immune/systemic dysfunction, and inflammatory imbalances.

Dr. Gina Morishige specializes in Asian Medicine Dermatology, and she is achieving her internationally accredited training as a TCM Dermatologist with a practical approach to understanding and treating the most prevalent skin diseases seen today. 


Dr. Morishige has a particular interest in skin, allergic, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases. Using both Functional Medicine & Asian Medicine to develop successful treatments for acute and chronic conditions. Many common and uncommon or difficult diseases can be helped and successfully managed through her Asian & Functional Medicine approach. 


Dr. Morishige specializes in custom raw herbal formulations for internal and external applications. 


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