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Herbal Medicine 

We are one of very few Herbal Pharmacies in New Mexico, Minnesota and the North American Region using methods as used in Chinese hospitals, which enables us to prepare highly concentrated, absorbable, synergistic and custom made herbal formulas in (ready-made liquid form) sealed in individually dosed BPA-free pouches for you to easily consume as part of your daily routine.

This high pressure and temperature-controlled decoction method extracts much higher proportions of the active ingredients that ensures the consistent quality and synergy of the product, therefore making every herbal prescription more effective, convenient and most palatable.  

All herbal prescriptions are available with shipping to any State in the USA. 

A little bit about Chinese herbal medicine...

Chinese herbal medicine is a medical system that has been evolved empirically over thousands of years. Chinese herbs have many unique properties and functions.The essence of Chinese herbal medicine is in the art of adapting a customized formula to the patient’s own unique disharmony. An adapted formula is a mirror image of the patient’s imbalances and works very well in conjunction with acupuncture in which the harmonization of herbs in a formula is comparable to the balancing of acupuncture points in a treatment.  Herbal medicine in conjunction with acupuncture gives the patient the opportunity to extend their healing session at home when between acupuncture treatments. Diagnosing and developing a treatment strategy with an appropriate formula for a patient takes many factors into account and is only advised to be determined by a nationally certified and state licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Once a diagnosis is made, a personalized formula is constructed from the thousands of classic herbal combinations and modifications. The most potent and traditional way to take herbal medicine is to cook a customized raw herbal formula much like you would a soup. Another popular format is a customized herbal powder that’s made instantly by mixing with water which suites many people with busy routines and travel. Herbs are also available as other pills, powders, tinctures, teas, or poultices. 


Herbal medicine is also categorized into many different groups. One basic group is called “food herbs” which are eaten as part of one’s diet for general fortification, prevention and maintenance, otherwise known as "post-heaven essence". Another basic group is called “medicinal herbs” which are dispensed to each patient as an individual formula based on one’s constitution, environment and medical condition.


To prevent potentially harmful drug-herb interactions, it is required to inform the practitioner and provide a detailed list of any pharmaceuticals, medications, vitamins, supplements or other herbal remedies you are taking or may be using.


It is advised that patience, diligence and consistency in your willingness to heal with herbs is understood. Herbal medicine is natural, pure and takes deep root in your body's healing process, which takes time and has great results in the reversal of dis-eased conditions and life lived free of pain and suffering, optimizing the longevity of life to say the least. 

Custom Herbal Prescriptions

Please book the Initial Herbal Consultation.


TCM Herbal Consultation 

Custom Herbal Prescription & Treatment Plan


Additional Cost for Herbs: cost of individual prescriptions varies according to the weight of herbs prescribed. 

Herbal costs are included for

Optimal Wellness Members.

Food & Medicine

Please book an Initial FM Consultation.


Functional Medicine Nutritional Consultation 

Custom Herbal Prescriptions & Nutrition Plans-

For Optimized Nutrition, Nutraceutical & Herbal Supplementation, Hormonal Balancing, Weight Loss and more.  

Herbal costs are included for

Optimal Wellness Members.

Healthy Herbal Recipes 
for Home

Please subscribe or visit the Recipe page if  for seasonal recipes, cooking instructions, suggestions, ideas and seasonal support!   


For customizing your individual herbal needs, Dr. Morishige provides her community with the highest quality premium herbs and granules, three tier tested to the highest standard in the world for safety, purity, quality and potency, exclusively from the best companies globally. Personally decocting your unique formula from a specialized TCM Herbal Pharmacy in the USA with pharmaceutical grade machines for internal & external applications.

(cGMP/GAP compliance)

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