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Strengthen your immunity


The herbal formulations available for COVID-19 are published by Hubei Provincial Hospital in China on how COVID-19, the 2019 novel coronavirus, is currently treated in China. For readers who may have such an infection, contact and consult your primary physician, go to a hospital or the CDC immediately. Upon confirmation of COVID-19 infection please call us for a Telemedicine Consultation to order your Herbal Formula. For additional information, please contact the (WHO), (CDC) and the (FDA). 


For Health Practitioners: You can submit your online prescription orders via the contact form on the   Connect page or by calling (505) 369-3273.


For the General Public: You can set up a consultation through the  connect   page or by calling (505) 369-3273, and we can ship it to your home if you are out of state or for those of you that cannot pick up your herbal orders, it’s fast and easy. Need an herbal prescription filled or refilled? You can email your prescription to




Morishige Herbal Pharmacy has a new site coming for ALL of your herbal supplement needs.

Please check back soon for easy Herbal Orders!

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