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Nutrition and more...

Nutritional knowledge and diet in Chinese medicine has a long history and includes the healing properties of many individual foods, herbal prescriptions, supplementation and injection therapies. Before a consultation, it is suggested to start keeping a food journal for a couple weeks. You’ll record what you eat and when. Also commenting on exercise, sleep, and your daily level of energy will inform me of how your life and food are affecting one another. Your Chinese nutritional education will not only be about how to eat healthy but what’s best to include and avoid to meet your specific healing goals. You'll get custom eating plans, with menus, food preparation, and places to find healthy food. You may ask specifically for weight loss, detoxification, fertility, nutritional deficiency or any other nutritional plans I may be offering.




As an important part of your healing program, I ask that you make changes to your diet that will greatly facilitate your healing process. The changes that you are asked to implement are specific to your condition only, as each patient is evaluated and treated individually. Please discuss any questions you may have with me for clarification.


The outcome of your treatment is dependent on the fulfillment of the healing partnership

between you and your practitioner.



• Digestive Fire – “The Sea of Water and Grains”, Support your digestive system and try to stay away from icy beverages, deep-fried, fatty foods, processed and refined foods, alcohol, coffee, sugar and dairy products made from cow’s milk – all of which can disrupt your digestion.


• Chew-Chew! – Properly chewing at least 20 times with each bite will increase enzyme release and lead to better digestion and absorption. Remember, your stomach does not have teeth! Chewing will ensure timely rotting and ripening of food, which in turn will keep you regular in receiving and passing of food. 


• Mindfulness – Focusing on what you eat when you’re eating it can pay dividends in better absorption of nutrients. Reading, Talking, “on the go” or watching TV while eating makes your stomach compete with your brain. Be joyful and grateful with each bite of food. Taste your food and eat with Gratitude!


• Quality, Quantity, Regularity – Your body functions best when fed steadily with moderate quantities in regular intervals with quality food. Eat breakfast before 9:00 a.m., lunch before 1:00 p.m. and dinner before 7:00 p.m. Don’t eat right before bedtime unless you want to be working all night long!


• Eat to Live – You have the power to make the choice of what to put into your mouth. Ask yourself if your food choices will contribute to your health and well-being or cause future problems. Ask for a personalized meal plan to help you make necessary changes for optimal health.  Don’t “live to eat” but “eat to live.” One bite at a time!


• Nightshades – Tomato, potato, eggplant, bell peppers belong to the nightshade plant family. They contain an alkyloid – solanine, which is toxic and may aggravate inflammatory conditions.


• Water — the human brain is made up of 76-95% water, blood is 82% water, and our lungs are 90% water. Our Kidneys need water to filter out toxins, our muscles that hold and move our bones are 75% water, our blood that delivers nutrients through out our body is 82% water… We can easily use unto 10-12 cups of water in a single day. To fight the chronic mild dehydration many people suffer from, drink that jug of water daily!

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