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Dermatology Case Study Program

When it comes to self care, committing to new habits and successfully integrating these changes, we not only enhance and gain clarity of our genuine experience and perception in life, we also influence and help strike that change in others. 

Many of us are repetitively cycling through a mindset, or an old story, that’s gripping on to old or out dated ‘ideas’ in how to deal with situations and conditions in life while believing it’s the only way to cope or respond to our current circumstances. When those thoughts don't work anymore, or let’s be honest, maybe has never truly worked for us, they have a deep impact on our self worth and how we react or respond to all of life’s circumstances. 

I’ve started this Dermatology Case Study Program for two reasons, ONE is to provide unwavering support and financial assistance for those that need access to this medicine and are ready for a pivotal lifestyle change, and TWO is to provide educative support for those unaware of these methods that are readily available to them across the globe.

These case studies are the beginning chapters in the development for the educational programs I am offering many holistic health seeking practitioners, students, enthusiast and people in need of these services and medical interventions. 

I encourage you to share this with your friends, loved ones and pioneering health experts that may be unaware of the effectiveness of these scientifically and historically proven methods that I have also adapted for use in these modern times.

Submitting the registration form for the next case study cohort is FREE.  
Upon approval there is a REFUNDABLE accountability fee. 

burden—the burden of narrow perspective caused by craving, aggression, ignorance and fear.” 
- Pema Chödrön

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  • Free Consultations for 3 Months

  • 15% off all Custom Herbal Formulas 

  • Unwavering Support 

  • Priority Access to The Morishige Biohealth Solution: Health + Lifestyle Optimization Program

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Registration is FREE. 

The ACCEPTANCE fee for this study is a refundable $600 upon completion of the case study with incredible savings and access to the Morishige Biohealth Solution Program.


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